Workshop for bank officers

"An investment into knowledge pays the best interest."
(Benjamin Franklin)

Founding a company is a complicated process that demands competence, creativity and stamina - not only from young businesspeople, but from bank officers as well.

Not only lacking funds make some promising cooperations fail. Sometimes bank officer's mistakes - wrong success estimations for example - cause rejection. Or entrepeneurs leave their bank during the early stages because they don't feel like they receive sufficient support.

Participants of the networx  workshop for young entrepeneurs frequently mention lacking sensitivity for young businesses' situations as main reason for changing their bank.

To avoid losing aspiring businesses to your competition, networx created a one-day workshop for bank officers. It is the perfect addition to the existing workshop for young entrepeneurs.
Our knowledge about the needs of the "next big thing" start-ups is the key to your bank's success in the area of consulting and support for young businesspeople.

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